A Traditional Concept

Zen Tiger Martial Arts, Moh Pai Hu Shih Kempo Kung Fu

At Zen Tiger we train a variety of martial arts styles, primarily Moh Pai Hu Shih and Xing Yi Quan.

Our training is based on a combative ‘traditional’ martial arts system and includes a focus on sets, linking forms, qigong, applications, opponent work, combative self defense and Zen (Ch'an) philosophy. Literally translated, Moh Pai Hu Shih  means 'White Tiger Temple System' or Moh Tiger Kempo (Kung Fu).

At its core Moh Tiger Kempo is a combat system designed to defend against multiple unarmed and armed attackers blended with the traditional training found within the Japanese (Kenpo) and Chinese (Kung Fu) Arts.

From your very first session you will learn how to defend yourself from common unarmed attacks, how to stand, move, block and counter effectively. But this is not training for full-contact Kumite. To quote the founder of our style, the training of Moh Pai is a 'modern approach' to a traditional philosophy where we emulate the ancient Chinese temples, the birthplace of enlightened martial arts. The 'concept' that learning fighting and self-defense skills is a by-product of a more important goal, to help individuals develop tools to achieve lasting health of mind and body together.


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